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Why I'll Never Go Back To Tampons And Pads

Why I'll Never Go Back To Tampons And Pads

My period is amazing. I don't mean to be brash, or make your cheeks go red, but I literally feel like I've hit the jackpot when it comes to my period. I know, I sound kind of stupid, but periods are a big deal and mine used to be a major drama. My menstrual cup changed this for me.

When I was 13, I had a virus, which merged into chronic fatigue, which resulted in having low platelets (meaning I bleed and bruise really easily and dramatically) that have never bounced back up. This all happened in the first year of getting my period. I thought it was normal to go through two tampons in a few hours, or have to wear both a pad and a tampon in one class at school, just so I didn't have to leave the classroom with my bag in tow. It was expensive (thanks mum and dad), messy, and I hated the idea of leaving blood soaked cotton in so many bathrooms. Urgh. Sorry planet.

If I knew about cups back then, I would have saved money, time, embarrassment, and the environment. Here's why:

- Cups can stay in for 8-12 hours and hold up 30mls +

- It takes 500-800 years for tampons and pads to break down in landfill

- In a lifetime, the average woman would spend $9120 on sanitary supplies. A cup costs $20-$60, lasts 10 years, so could literally save us around $8900

All I can say, is I wish I found out about cups earlier! I bought my first cup about a year and a half ago, and never looked back. The idea that all the tampons I've ever used still exist in the world; creeps me out. It's not natural, and I don't think the planet feels that way too.

But there are reasons cups aren't mainstream and people go "huh?" when I tell them what they are. Cups are a foreign idea, and they gross some people out.

There's a few myths to be busted...

1. What if it gets stuck inside of me?

 Image: MyCup NZ

Image: MyCup NZ

If this is your fear, then you may need to become more familiar with your cervix. Your cervix is enclosed, and therefore your cup cannot be lost in your vagina. It has nowhere to escape! *cue evil laughter* There may be times you cannot relax, and therefore find it hard to remove your cup, but breathing deeply, and focusing on relaxing your body and muscles, will fix this. Practice makes perfect(ish).


2. I don't like the thought of a cup of my blood

But you don't mind a pad of cotton or stick soaked in your blood that will exist longer than your life time? I thought the whole 'cup of blood' thing would be a problem for me too, but it's made me feel more in touch with my body and cycle than ever before. The MyCup even has measuring lines on the cup, so you can keep track of your flow. Simply empty your cup into the toilet, wash, and reinsert. You don't get blood on you, you don't have to stare at it or deal with it long, and it's washed into the water ways. There may be a little bit of 'just get over yourself' involved too ;)

3. What if it doesn't fit?

Don't worry, cup brands have thought of this too. MyCup NZ have several help pages, including a size guide and quiz you can take. You can even get personal advice from the team if you have particular worries. They don't want to sell you something that you won't use, so trust their advice.

4. How the heck do I get that huge cup in my vagina?

It usually takes a few attempts at first, but you'll soon have it! There are some great videos and tutorials on how to insert, and don't be afraid if you don't get it right the first time. At the end of the day, you're not the first one to use a menstrual cup; have faith.

 Image: MyCup NZ

Image: MyCup NZ

My choice of cup: MyCup NZ.

The menstrual cup is by far one of my greatest investments. The first brand I purchased didn't work 100% for me, and I always felt skeptical and had to use a reusable fabric liner as a backup. Now I've switched to the MyCup, I don't have to use liners during my period. I trust my cup 100% during yoga, swimming, running, and LIFE. It makes my period less of a life-consuming event that hinders my ability to continuing doing what I love to do. You just forget that it's there!

 Image: MyCup NZ

Image: MyCup NZ

Menstrual cups are often associated with eco-warriors and greenies. But regardless of the crazy environmental savings, menstrual cups assist women to feel empowered, motivated, and independent. Athletes rejoice because they get to continue their training, and busy mums love cups because they don't often have the pleasure of going to the loo as much as they need to!

If you'd like to get a MyCup, and want a helping hand towards the cost, please use code ETHICALLYKATE for 10% OFF your purchase. This also means a few $ are sent back to me as a thank you for my words and time. Thank YOU for your support in my mission to make eco-living accessible, and thank you on behalf of the planet! - but once you've used a cup, you'll be the one thanking me :)

Check out MyCup NZ here


As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. This is a sponsored blog (I can't pay my electricity bill with free natural beauty products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion.

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