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MyCup NZ: Menstrual Cups With A Purpose

MyCup NZ: Menstrual Cups With A Purpose

When someone first suggested I shove a rubber cup up my hoo-hoo when it was my time of the month... I said "no way." This foreign idea sounded like I would be taking my eco-activism to a level beyond sanity. Instead of stopping there, like all good eco-bloggers, I looked into it. Now, I'm 15 months into using a cup, and the thought of tampons and pads makes me cringe.

My cup of choice: MyCup NZ. The team at MyCup don't simply make cups and pass them along, they are a force against period poverty (more on this later), and the creators of a nationwide movement uplifting women. I sat down with founder, Kimberli, on Skype a few months ago, and chatted to her about all things 'MyCup'. But first, here's my review:

What I think of MyCup:

Cups come in a few shapes, sizes, and styles. The instant I switched to MyCup, I knew I'd found the right one for me. The MyCup means I don't have to use liners or pads to feel safe and ensure I don't have cup leakage. The cup is all I need!

I'm a yogi, runner, and a generally active person. I feel like I've finally met my match, after trialling another cup that just didn't do it for me. The MyCup is easy to insert, and I don't even notice it's there. I love the measuring lines on the side of my cup. This means I can keep track of my cycle, and feel more in touch with my body. The little carry pouch is a great size and style to keep the MyCup in my handbag (just in case!), and store when it's not needed.

Who are MyCup?

MyCup is a social enterprise, founded in 2017, by Kimberli Schuitman. All cups are made in New Zealand. MyCup implement the buy-one-give-one model; whenever you buy a MyCup, a cup is given to someone else in need.

The cups are made with a medical grade silicon, a choice the team made to extend the cup's lifespan, and make the cup more user friendly. MyCup explain the long process they took in deciding on the material, and the information all users should have before they use a cup: here.

We want: - MyCup

  • To honour and empower the women in our communities

  • To provide a sustainable and long term menstrual management solution

  • To save REAL money in communities that need assistance

  • To help young girls understand their bodies more and talk openly about their periods

  • To show that we can truly make social change and create a ripple effect like no other

The truth is, period poverty is a big issue in New Zealand. Menstruation continues to be a taboo topic in society, meaning it's not uncommon for women to stay home from school and work in fear and shame when they have their period. This is particularly the case for those who do not have access to sanitary products, which can cost up to $25/month.

We need to break the silence.

We need to have the  conversation.

We need to act.

The Eco Benefits of a MyCup

I did the maths.... Menstrual cups can save us up to $240 a year, and divert 240+ tampons and pads from landfill. That means one cup (assuming it lasts the expected 10 years) will divert 2,400 tampons/pads from landfill, and save us $2,400!! Well, minus the $45 it cost to buy, so make that $2,355.

Once you have a cup... you'll never go back.

MyCup are connecting with women, groups, and activists all over New Zealand to end period poverty and gift cups to those who most need them. Messages of body positivity and cost-effective menstrual solutions are the just beginning.

Menstrual cups don't freak me out anymore; I actually don't know what I'd do without it.

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