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What I Wore To Eco Fashion Week Australia 2018

What I Wore To Eco Fashion Week Australia 2018

In November, I packed my bags full of my favourite ethical fashion and beauty brands, and headed over to Australia to check out Eco Fashion Week Australia as an official media partner for 2018. What I saw on the runway was incredible (much more on that soon!), but wearing brands I know personally and have partnered with for a long time, was something special too.

Due to popular demand, and official partnerships, I’m excited to bring you a list of 8 brands I wore to EFWA2018.

Boil the jug, pour a cuppa tea, and grab a notebook, because I only travel with my favourites!

What I Wore To Eco Fashion Week Australia 2018…


These bags were new to me upon coming to EFWA, so I wasn’t sure how they’d fit into my wardrobe. Turns out.. they fit like a glove! I even took the Tas Bag hiking with me, hah.

Made from vintage jeans, jackets, and retro tops (the lining is to die for), it’s a pretty awesome thought to be giving old clothes a new life.

Bohome & Roam

This is just 3 pieces of my Bohome & Roam jewellery collection. If I listed them all… we’d be here for hours. Bohome & Roam is my the main jewellery love of my life. The Maharani Sunglasses Chain was a win hiking and generally roaming everywhere without loosing my sunnies. The wooden cuff is a staple to all my outfits, and the agate necklace never ceases to amaze me at it’s adaptability to any outfit.


If you’ve never owned ceramic jewellery before… you’ve been missing out. As a lover of textiles, this triple threat from Woodfolk really floats my boat. As you can see, it floats the donkey’s boat too!

ReCreate Clothing

This is the little black dress I’ve been looking out for forever! See that tie around the waste? You can wrap it so many different ways- I’ve worn it several times and I’m still discovering more alternatives.

Perhaps it’s because I wear colour a lot, so I looked a tad different, but I had so many comments on this dress (both online and in person). I even know a few of you have purchased one already! It’s the little black dress for everyone.

Chic Made Consciously

See those beaut gold pieces of jewellery (cuff and choker)? Would you believe me if I said they were made from old war remnants? The ultimate recycling! I was so thrilled to rock Chic Made Consciously at EFWA2018. As a golden girl, I can see these pieces of jewellery lasting forever in my wardrobe and becoming family heirlooms.


Straight off the production line, Aleph Beauty launched only 3 weeks before I headed off to EFWA2018. Thank goodness they were ready in time!

The little tubs were perfect to carry in my handbag, so I could touch up before arriving at an event, or even on the plane after early morning flights. They didn’t melt in the heat (it nearly got to 40 degrees celsius one day in Port Douglas!), and stayed on my face without needing a loose powder to set. Vegan, waste-free, cruelty-free: they tick all my boxes.

Tonic & Cloth

BAM. This jumpsuit saw my very first evening at EFWA2018, and it was a showstopper. The colour is one of my favourites (my toes are almost always painted this colour), and the comfort of the material makes me want to live in it. Sometimes jumpsuits are a pain to get in and out of when you need to go to the bathroom, but the loose fit around the top means you can slip the shoulders off easily.

Dorsu Clothing

A long time favourite brand, I’m continuously impressed at how Dorsu garments quickly become very crucial basics in my wardrobe. I was surprised at how well I could dress the Tank Dress up for a more formal look, and the boat neck long sleeve served me well when I need to add some layers (it got chilly on the last day) but keep the style!

As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. This is a sponsored blog (I can't pay my electricity bill with free products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion.

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