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CaliWoods Reusable Straws: The Most Important Thing In My Handbag

CaliWoods Reusable Straws: The Most Important Thing In My Handbag

I’m a bit of an eco-nerd. Apparently it’s not the norm to carry around an eco-toolkit with you wherever you go. Cutlery, napkins, container, drink bottle, bags, cups… There are many parts to my kit, but the most important is: my CaliWoods smoothie straw.

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You may be thinking; what the heck, it’s just a straw Kate: get over yourself. But if you are, you’re very mistaken.

I’ve had a CaliWoods straw for just over 1 year. It’s not just the usability, quality, and classiness of the straw that makes me love it; I simply cannot count how many times my straw has started conversation and positive change.

Before I launch into how one little straw has made a difference, let me introduce you to CaliWoods.

CaliWoods are New Zealand’s reusable straw hub. They offer straws of all different shapes and sizes: smoothie straws, tall straws, drinking straws, cocktail straws, and even bubble tea straws.

“CaliWoods exists because we believe there’s a better way to do things. We aren’t perfect, but we are working hard to make a sustainable life easier and exciting through awesome eco products, fresh ideas and motivating information.”

Although straws are their key product, CaliWoods is on a mission to change the world, and selling straws is just one outlet of doing so. They run informative events, screenings of life-changing documentaries, and share helpful information for daily habit changes in their ‘Eco Blog’.

The mastermind behind CaliWoods? Shay Lawrence.

A surfer, ‘beach bum,’ and massive nature lover, Shay founded CaliWoods after 6 years of travel, seeing the way the earth is mistreated, and thinking ‘enough is enough’.

“All over the world, in lots of different ways, it became clear that there were very few stones left unturned by humans and the way we are living.”- Shay Lawrence.

CaliWoods shares the idea that as a collective, we can make change. Small steps, big steps, and everything in between: everything counts, and it’s up to us as individuals, businesses, and the government, to band together. Our world is so incredibly beautiful, and CaliWoods aims to protect it.

So, why is my CaliWoods reusable straw the MOST important in my handbag?


Firstly, I’m not a coffee drinker, and I adore a good smoothie. My smoothie straw is therefore VERY crucial.

But it’s also a conversation starter, an attention drawer, and on a side note: makes me feel really freaking fancy when I drink smoothies.

I’ve got into a little ‘no straw please’ routine that I’ve practiced for over a year, and carefully constructed along the way. I’ve worked out that even if I can capably drink my beverage without a straw, asking for NO STRAW still doesn’t stop a bar tender or smoothie maker on auto-pilot, from throwing one in. Passing them my CaliWoods straw, makes them remember to leave out the plastic one. Far too often, I’ve had to make a diving lunge across the counter/bar, to intercept a plastic straw before it lands absent-mindedly in my drink. CaliWoods saves me lots of awkward lunges.

I also tell the bar tender or smoothie maker WHY I don’t want a straw. “I like to reduce my plastic waste please.” This means they don’t add or use any other type of plastic paraphernalia (e.g. stir it with a straw and remove the straw, because they think you simply don’t like drinking out of the straw).

Sometimes bar staff yell “SAVE THE TURTLES” at me as I leave a bar, but that’s okay: I do really want to save the turtles.

This whole straw debacle at the counter, has lead to several conversations. Sure, it’s embarrassing sometimes, but it’s worth it. I once had the attention of all bar tenders and patrons when I whipped out my CaliWoods straw at a tiki bar in Sydney: I heard 6 months later they had gone straw free.

CaliWoods are more than a reusable straw brand, and it’s why I back them 100%. The straw in my handbag is practical, beautiful, well-made, sustainable, and conversational.

It’s my magic CaliWoods eco-wand: I couldn’t live without it.

Buy your own CaliWoods here.

Use code ETHICALLYKATE for 15% off 4 Pack Straws, and 6 Pack Cocktail straws.

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