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Needs More Cushions: New Zealand's Ethically Made Cushions

Needs More Cushions: New Zealand's Ethically Made Cushions

New on the block, Needs More Cushions are decorating New Zealander's homes with lovingly made cushions for a stylish, contemporary, and unique look.

I believe a beautiful home can only be curated with quality items made with love and intention. I don’t mean to get all ‘hippy’ on you, but you can feel when a home is crafted mindfully, and the items in the home have a story and purpose. Needs More Cushions (NMC) have mastered the art of intentionality and storytelling. They've considered every step of the creation process, from seed to cushion!

I've followed their journey for the past few months, and now their website is live! Before you dive into cushion buying decisions, let me share why these cushions are so special. I'll start from the beginning…

The Fabrics

The cushions are made from artisan crafted fabrics, formed using traditional techniques that date back centuries. The first collection includes mud cloth and indigo fabric from Mali, and baoule cloth from Cote D’lvoire. NMC are passionate about keeping ancient weaving techniques alive, and to enjoy the unique craftsmanship in my own home, is an absolute privilege.

Cushion construction

Once the fabric is made, it is sent over to New Zealand. NMC work in partnership with The Red Cross 'Pathways to Employment' team who identify NCM employees and help them settle into employment in New Zealand. NMC cushion seamstresses are resettled refugees, who use their existing sewing skills to transform the fabric into cushions. These ladies are hard working seamstresses; Nubia and Muna.

The choice to work with refugees came from the drive to offer those new to New Zealand, a happy and safe place to work. At NMC, talents are valued, and the seamstresses are able to feel empowered in their work- a feeling many seamstresses lack in their harsh working environments. Nubia and Muna even work from the comfort of their own homes! The fabric is dropped off to them one weekend, and expectations are placed around quantities and outcome. The cushions are picked up the next weekend, and then sent off to their new homes all around New Zealand.

One of a kind

Each cushion design is named after places in either Mali or the Ivory Coast; where the textiles are made. My cushion (pictured below) is the “Divo” cushion. I reveal in the fact that I can search up the place, and gain understanding of the environment in which the fabric was designed and created. Perhaps I’ve become a ‘cushion elitist’, but knowing there were only two of these cushions made in the world, makes me feel a touch special too.

"We’re starting a slow interiors revolution to fight back against mass-produced, trend-driven homewares that harm our planet and its people."

NMC embody everything I love in a brand. They focus on giving back to both their local and global communities, they don't stop at simply selling beautiful products, and they are always working on ways to improve their business model. NMC package their cushions in cardboard boxes that can be recycled, and are always on the hunt for ways they can continue to give back to their local and global community.

What began as a slow interiors blog, has turned into a cushion revolution. Needs More Cushions are new to the slow cushion scene, but no doubt New Zealand homes will be full of these beauties in no time!

Use code ETHICALLYKATE for 10% OFF your ethical cushion purchases at Needs More Cushions.

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