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UYO: The Eco Cafe Guide You Must Know About

UYO: The Eco Cafe Guide You Must Know About

It’s 2019. We’ve made it to the moon, we have electric vehicles, we have the least rates of poverty ever recorded in history… but still, disposable coffee cups still exist.

I’ve always thought there is something wrong with us extracting a precious resource from our earth’s core, using lots of resources to do so, turning it into a product that cannot be recycled, using it for 5 minutes, then throwing it into the bin. Faaar out. When you really think about it; humans are really pretty dumb don’t ya think?

I’m excited to introduce you to a business who agree that disposable cups are dumb, we need to embrace the reusable mindset, and who are doing something about it.

Cafe Guide UYO.png

UYO “Use Your Own” are New Zealand’s nationwide cafe guide, with an eco twist. Wherever you are in New Zealand, you can head to www.uyo.co.nz, let old mate Google find your location, click your preferred filters and wa-la: head there ASAP for your earth-damaging-free cafe experience. They’ll fill up your cup, jam jar, old ice cream container, whatever floats your boat when it comes to saying a big fat NO to single-use disposable coffee cups and YES to switching your brain on.

Here’s the cool part, they have LOTS of funky filters:

  • Plant based options available

  • Will refill your water bottle

  • Offers UYO discount

  • Offers event catering

  • Take our coffee grounds for your garden

  • Gluten free options available

  • Free WiFi

  • Sell reusable cups

  • No Disposable Cups

  • No plastic straws

  • Offer mug/jar/tub loan

  • Pet friendly outside area

  • Use your own container here

  • Responsible food waste

  • Offers delivery

Vegetarians rejoice, coeliacs can I get an ‘amen’?, zero-wasters say “YAS”, and entrepreneurs who just want the free Wifi- I see you too.


So, next time you’re out and about and want to shop with your values and eat at a place that respects the planet and people, tap in www.uyo.co.nz and feel all the planet-saving points stack up as you sip your plastic-free latte with a smug little smile (like mine above).

P.S. This is not an ad, I have always believed in what UYO do… PLUS I’m excited to have become their ‘word guru’ and media manager! Yipee!

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