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Who Made My (Favourite) Clothes

Who Made My (Favourite) Clothes

It has been 6 years since the world properly woke up to the brutal truth of the fashion industry.

On the 24th of April 2013, the Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh, killing 1,138 people and injuring another 2,500. The victims were mostly young women.

Five garment factories where in the Rana Plaza, manufacturing clothing for the biggest global brands. These people died in the name of fashion. They died so we can look ‘hot’ at that party next weekend. They died so we can go shopping with our mates and enjoy some retail therapy when we’re sad or angry.

This was the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. No wonder we suddenly all woke up.

This disaster bought with it a new found understanding of the horrific fashion industry, and an organisation/movement battling against this ever happening again: Fashion Revolution.


We celebrate Fashion Revolution every year at the end of April, but the fashion industry still has a long way to go for us to ensure a sustainable fashion future.

Today, both people and the environment suffer as a result of the way fashion is made, sourced and consumed - Fashion Revolution

I have personally been asking the question “WHO MADE MY CLOTHES” since August 2015, and I don’t ever intend on stopping. I shop less, repair my clothes, wash them responsibly, and ask a thousand questions before buying something (but then again, I make sure I have considered if for a month before I purchase).

Ethical Fashion is what I live and breathe, and this week I join thousands across the globe in growing awareness, unity, education, and change.

I’m often asked for recommendations on places to shop, and I send people to my Shop site. But today I’m ‘heroing’ my very favourites.

I’ve sorted through my wardrobe and picked out the garments I wear and love the most. Each brand plays a huge part in changing the world of fashion. Purchasing from them is one of the biggest impacts you can have. Consumers drive the fashion industry: it’s you who has the power to change.

I’m going to contradict myself here, but the amount of stuff we consume is also ridiculous and negatively affects our planet… so, PLEASE only purchase if you need it. Think about how it adds to your wardrobe first, to make sure the garment never gets lonely. I’d hate for a gorgeous piece of clothing to sit at the back of your wardrobe and miss out on experiencing life.

ReCreate Clothing

Made: Their own sewing centre in Cambodia

Style: Streetwear, basics, the perfect lil black dress

Easy to wash, durable, staple everyday pieces

I am wearing size S (top)


TAMGA Designs

Made: Bali

Style: Flowy, bohemian, adventurous, colourful

Breathable fabric, easy to layer in winter, most unique designs I’ve found

I am wearing size M (but I wear size S in their tops)

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Made: India

Style: Incredible basics, minimalist, stylish

A huge part of my wardrobe, their ‘Building Block’ collection is worn on the daily

I am wearing size XS (their styles are meant to be big and baggy, so always size down if you don’t love that)

Nudie Jeans

Made: Tunisia

Style: Jeans in all styles & sizes

Lifetime repair schemes, durable, organic cotton

I am wearing size W 28 + L 32

Tonic & Cloth

Made: India

Style: Casual & smart womenswear

Natural dyes, empowering women in India, New Zealand owned/run

I am wearing size M (jeans)

Image by Reuben Edward Photography.

Image by Reuben Edward Photography.


Made: Cambodia

Style: The ultimate basics that can be styled with everything

Remnant fabric that would otherwise go to landfill, super affordable

I am wearing size M but have some size S in my wardrobe too

Vege Threads

Made: Australia

Style: Autumn/dreamy coloured basics & yoga wear

Most cosy cotton I’ve met, bright autumn colours

I am wearing size S (top)

People Tree

Made: India

Style: Classic, timeless, casual & formal

Well made and durable- constant compliments

I am wearing size 10 (skirt)


Made: Nepal

Style: Ceramic & wooden jewellery/homewares

Classic statement & everyday pieces. They go with everything!

Multiverse Designs

Made: New Zealand

Style: Wooden jewellery

Recycled wood, locally made in New Zealand, natural designs


Bohome & Roam

Made: Range of artisans in places such as Peru, India, Guatemala, and Turkey

Style: Bohemian jewellery and homewares

My most worn jewellery, boho & adventurous style, classy, classic, fun


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