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5 Reasons Why Elle Evans Is My Activewear Crush

5 Reasons Why Elle Evans Is My Activewear Crush

I don’t have time for average activewear.

As someone who wears activewear daily (not even ironically, I actually work out!), I’ve become a touch snobby when it comes to the garments I stretch, flex, walk, and run in.

Elle Evans are easily my activewear crush, and have been since I purchased a bikini (oh yes, they do swimwear too!) on October the 27th, 2016- is it weird that I’ll always remember that?

Every time they release a new collection, which isn’t often, as it is slow fashion after all, I am there with bells on. Their latest Franklin Collection is no different. In fact, I even asked Ellie (founder and designer) if she had created it with me in mind. Turns out the world doesn’t revolve around me, and it’s inspired by her family campervan and beach-side holidays.

My connection to the brand grows every time I’m in Melbourne and visit the workroom where all the magic happens. Sitting on the deck with Ellie, cup of tea in hand, talking all things sustainable living, will never get old.

Without further adieu…

5 reasons why Elle Evans is my absolute activewear crush:

  1. I know the maker

The fashion industry is mischievous and complex. If you were to ask a retail assistant at Kmart “who made this?”, all you’d get is a raised eyebrow and a confused look. At Elle Evans, I know exactly WHO made my clothes. In fact, here’s a picture of me and Ellie earlier this month!


I often think of Ellie when I wear my clothes. I appreciate the way she’s designed the activewear to completely hug my body so that my boobs don’t bounce when I run, and my pants don’t fall down when I flow into downward-facing-dog. I love that I can picture this wee work space, her intent concentration as she quickly zaps up the seams on her machine, while her sweet wee toddler sits beside her colouring with crayons.

2. My activewear is designed to last

In the ethical fashion world, we often talk about the impact of the making of a garment, but the way it’s designed contributes to its environmental footprint in a big way too.

Will the style go ‘out of fashion quickly’? Will the fabric last? Will the seams rub or rip where they’re positioned? Are the seams strong enough for what the garment is designed for?

These are all questions a sustainable fashion designer will ask when designing a collection, and I know Ellie has thought of everything. The activewear feels strong and secure, has a timeless design I will wear for a lifetime, and is comfortable in every way.

3. My swimwear saves the ocean

Well, it’s not that extreme, but it’s made from regenerated plastic waste collected from sea shores. Elle Evans make all their garments with ECONYL: 100% regenerated nylon. This includes plastic waste, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world. Once these materials (usually destined for landfill or choking turtles) are cleaned and sorted, the nylon is recycled back into its original condition, and knitted into a soft fabric in a mill in Italy.

Elle Evans' Australian printer digitally prints the fabric using water-based, non-toxic inks. No inks are discarded down drains and no washing is required after printing. The printing team recycle all their discarded paper and ship all fabric rolls across the country, wrapped in recycled plastic.

4. I can swim in it!

Living 3.42 minutes walk away from the beach has many perks. One of the best things: you can swim everyday during summer. I do!

Because Elle Evans activewear material is also suitable for swimwear, after working out, I don’t have to run back home and change… I just dive in! No chaffing, quick drying, and easy.

5. I can trust in the zero-waste production and closed loop ideology

When I order Elle Evans activewear, I know that Ellie will walk into her studio, and start making it.

Elle Evans have taken zero-waste to the next level, and will make your garments especially for you, so that nothing (no extra sizes or designs) goes to waste. I receive my orders in little garment bags made from offcuts or second hand fabrics. Plus, I know that if and when (god forbid!) my activewear gets old and unwearable, I can return it to Elle Evans to pop back into the loop- the nylon will be regenerated once again.

If you wander along Red Beach between 6am - 7am on a weekday morning, you’ll spot me in my Elle Evans Activewear mid-lunge, pre-squat, or even running into the ocean to cool off.

Shop Elle Evans Activewear.

As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. This is a sponsored blog (I can't pay my electricity bill with free products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion.

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