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How To Compost In Your Kitchen

How To Compost In Your Kitchen

I’ve been composting since the day I was born (can you imagine a mini me in baby overalls, crawling to put my compost to throw in my banana peels? Hah, I can).

I grew up in a household where our compost bin was the main object on our kitchen bench, sitting loud and proud, filling up daily. Now that I own a home with my husband, Tim, naturally, we also have a thriving compost bin. I’ve literally never known life without a compost; even during my years of housesitting, there was always a compost there too.

I totally understand that I am very fortunate to have always had land on my property suitable for a compost bin to live. Not all of us have this: I’m super grateful.

I am also very aware that when I recommend that you compost to reduce your waste sent to landfill, it’s not always practical or feasible.

What if you rent a property and move around frequently? What if you live in an apartment and have no lease or ownership of land?

I get you. I don’t want to continue recommending that you compost, while sitting on my high horse. So, I won’t any longer.

That’s where Anotherway come to the rescue.

Anotherway are a proud New Zealand stockist of the Urban Composter. The idea: compost in your kitchen.


This awesome solution sits on your bench, and does all the breaking down right in front of you.

As well as the Urban Composter, Anotherway stock eco friendly sunscreens, super foods, and natural deodorants. Their mission is to “provide the latest accurate content in relation to both our personal, local and global environment.” They’re focused on sharing information and products with individuals AND businesses who want to better their impact on the planet.

I’m super impressed with how Anotherway are slowly and carefully growing a range of products they test and trial first. It’s inspiring to see a passionate group care so much about the eco movement, rather than just simply selling products.

Back to composting…

I have the Urban Composter Ultimate Starter Kit.


The smaller bucket (City Composter), sits on the bench, and the larger bucket (Urban Composter) is used to empty the scraps into as the small bucket fills up- if you have space for it to sit outside or in another area.

When I first started trialling this system, I screwed up, and it stank BAD. I forgot to empty the bucket of it’s glorious juices every few days (the garden LOVES it) , didn’t put a napkin on the bottom to reduce blockages, and generally left the bin without any attention for far too long. Rookie mistake! - it was Christmas time, I was away over New Years, so I think I’ll let myself off the hook.

After getting some more tips and tricks, and trialling again, it’s been a winner!


So that you don’t make the mistakes I did… here’s how to compost with the Urban Composter.

  • To begin, screw the nozzle on tight, and make sure the filter is in place at the bottom

  • Place a napkin on the bottom of the bin to reduce tap blockages

  • Cut up your scraps (it can handle it all: veggies, meat, and leftovers) into small pieces before you throw them in

  • After you throw scraps in the bucket, spray about 2-4 squirts of compost accelerator on top

  • Sprinkle a touch of sugar on the scraps when you use the compost accelerator, to help microbe growth and reduce smells

  • Empty the tap every day or every second day, dilute with water, and place on your plants - they literally LOVE it

  • Keep the lid on tight always, so that it can do it’s thing in peace

  • Empty your bin every 12 - 14 days (especially in summer) into your Urban Compost bin, your outdoor compost (if you’re fortunate to have one), a friend’s compost, or find someone who needs the compost at Compost Collective.

    NOTE: I’ve had my City Composter going for 30 days and it’s been slowly breaking down on the bench, without need to empty into a bigger bin. This may work for you if there’s just one person, and you keep on top of emptying the juices etc., but it will fill up quickly if there’s more than one of you cooking at home- in that case, you’ll need the larger bin or a friend’s property to dump it on.


I’m a bit compost mad. Composting makes me very excited! Can you tell?

If you don’t currently compost, and don’t have the land to store a huge bin, I think the Urban Composter from Anotherway would be an awesome solution for you.

Shop for your own Urban Composter here.


As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. This is a sponsored blog (I can't pay my electricity bill with free products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion.

Photos by my lovely friend Reuben.

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