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Online Beauty Stores For People & Planet

Online Beauty Stores For People & Planet

What does your bathroom cupboard look like? Be honest. Is it one of those ones where everything is lined up perfectly in categories, or if I walked into your bathroom right now, would I think a bomb had gone off?

Whatever the case, it’s time to reflect on the products that fill your cupboards and make up your beauty regime. I really don’t want you to cover yourself in chemicals everyday (women place around 515 chemicals on their bodies everyday FYI), throw too much waste in the bin, or buy products that are harmful to the planet. I care about you, and I care about the planet too.

Here are 13 companies trying their best to offer you products for people and planet. They’re a mix of zero waste, plastic free, cruelty free, vegan, and non-toxic companies who I have bought from and worked with as a blogger in the past and present.

Your guide to Online Beauty Stores For People & Planet…

Please note: A few of these links are affiliate links, meaning if you buy from the company, a small percentage of the sale will go to me. Thank you for your support! But also remember: only buy if you NEED it.

Nourished Life

Values: ~ Toxin free ~ Cruelty free ~ Organic ~

Products: Beauty, skincare, haircare, wellness, health and home.

My favourites: Nourished Life stock so many of my favourite brands, but I particularly appreciate their extensive makeup range. They also stock my favourite beauty bars, Ethique, which remove any need for packaging (e.g. Shampoos, face wash, body wash, deodorant).

Nourished Life have a recycling take back scheme. They encourage you to save up all the packaging/bottles from your beauty products, and send them back once you have a bundle of them. They then work with Terracycle to recycle them responsibly- I love that they take on this responsibility, rather than leaving it all up to us.

Detailed blog post + Mascara Review.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 15% off (does not apply to already discounted items, and may exclude particular items- see exclusions in the item description)

Au Natural

Values: ~ Waste conscious (plant based refill pouches) ~ New Zealand sourced ingredients ~ Natural ~

Products: Face care.

My favourites: The night cream is really great. It makes you feel like you’re going to bed with a healthy mask on that can work magic while you’re asleep. There are 4 key products to use for a basic skincare regime, and I’ve gone into more detail about them all here.

Aleph Beauty

Values: ~ Cruelty Free ~ Vegan ~ Toxin Free ~ GMO Free ~ Child Labour Free ~ Sustainable Packaging ~

Products: Foundation/concealer, lip tint/blush, eyeshadow, bronzer.

My favourites: The foundation/concealer is all I need for my face. It comes in the tiny wee pot (excellent for travel), and has the perfect light coverage I need. I’m all about minimalism when it comes to makeup, so Aleph Beauty really ticks all my boxes! When I first starting using this makeup in November 2018, I wrote a full blog post- check it out here.

P.S. Once you’re finished, the glass container is handy to store your earrings in when travelling too.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off

Agnes & Me

Values: ~ Made in NZ ~ Buy only what you need ~ Plant based ~ Organic ~ Fair trade ~

Products: Body butter, face oil, body oil, healing balm, clay mask, face cream.

My favourites: The Blam Blam Balm. You can use it as a lip balm, or put it on any cut, bite, graze, rash, and it will assist quick healing! I’m always hesitant to trial too many face care products as changing often isn’t good for my skin, but I was really impressed with the face cream - read more about what I really thought here.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off

Biddy & May

Values: ~ Clean ~ Self Love ~ Acceptance ~ Cruelty Free ~

Products: Skin care, makeup, bath & body, hair.

My favourites: The Volumizing Foam is an absolute favourite. I love beachy waves, so particularly in winter when I am not swimming as often (so I don’t have the natural salt in my hair), this is a game changer. I’ve used three of their products, and wrote all about them here.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off

JAK Organics

Values: ~ Vegan ~ GMO free ~ No palm oil ~

Products: Wipes that break down in your home compost, healing balm, scrub.

My favourites: The scrub is excellent for an exfoliating face mask. I personally choose to reuse face cloths rather than use wipes, but these are great for those who aren’t on that wavelength. The wipes genuinely break down in a home compost bin too.

Detailed blog post here.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 15% off

The Eco Brush

Values: ~ Compostable ~ Sustainably Sourced ~

Products: Toothbrush, dental floss, toothbrush travel case.

My favourites: The Eco Brush is my toothbrush of choice. I keep on trialling other toothbrushes as they come up, but I always go back to The Eco Brush. I am really impressed that they have started offering refills for their floss too.

Detailed blog post here.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off

The Natural Co.

Values: ~ Plastic & waste free ~ Sustainable ~ Simple ~ Quality ~

Products: Home, accessories, health & beauty.

My favourites: As I look around my home, there are a few key items from The Natural Co. My toilet brush is a personal favourite (hah!), and their range of soaps are delicious too. My friend loves their kitchen cloths, and I watch my flatmate use her string bags from The Natural Co. every day!

An old blog post about The Natural Co. here.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off

Matakana Skincare

Values: ~ Plant based ~ New Zealand made ~ Ethical ~ Cruelty free ~

Products: Face, body, spa.

My favourites: The healing hands soother is out of this world AMAZING. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a different hand cream again.

Oh Natural

Values: ~ Cruelty free ~ No synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals ~ Waste free ~

Products: Health, home & living, beauty.

My favourites: Oh Natural are another great one stop shop. I’ve been enjoying their Zoo Natural Teeth Whitener for a year, and I respect their brilliant plastic free packaging.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off

Health Post

Values: ~ Vegan ~ Organic ~ Waste free ~ Sustainability ~ Good Ingredients Promise ~

Products: Food & drink, beauty, home, pet care, baby & kids, sports & fitness.

My favourites: Their vegan chocolate is divine! It comes in compostable packaging, and it’s made from sustainable ingredients. I recently reviewed 5 clean beauty products from HealthPost, so check that out here for more details on my favourites.


Values: ~ Completely plastic free ~ Sustainably sourced ~ Vegan ~ Plant based ~ Cruelty free ~

Products: Shampoo, face care, body care, pet care, home.

My favourites: I use the Heali Kiwi Shampoo and the Guardian Conditioner for my hair and have done since 2016. I’d recommend the sample packs to determine what works best for your hair, face, body - so you don’t waste money on a full product.

Detailed blog post here.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off (new customers only, one use per customer)

Be Vibrant

Values: ~ Quality ~ Natural ~ Toxin free ~

Products: Nutrition, face & body, living & reusables.

My favourites: The Essone sunscreen is a winner! My SoL water bottle is from Be Vibrant, and my JOCO cup too.

Detailed blog post here.

Discount: ETHICALLYKATE for 12% off (orders over $35, one use per customer)

As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. I send the brand a large list of questions to answer first, and trial the product properly before saying yes to anything. This is a sponsored blog by Nourished Life (I can't pay my electricity bill with free products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion.

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