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My Jumpsuit Has A Story To Tell

My Jumpsuit Has A Story To Tell

I’ve been wearing my Tonic & Cloth jumpsuit for over three months, and I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I reach for it in my wardrobe. It’s not just because I feel like a boss-ass woman when I wear it… the story behind the creation of the jumpsuit still makes my skin tingle.

This is how (I think) all our clothes should make us feel.


Tonic & Cloth are the masterminds behind my jumpsuit, and there’s a lot more to their story than what I shared in my first blog post, here.

Jodie, founder of Tonic & Cloth, believes women should be empowered and feel beautiful in their clothes (amen!). Because of this, she’s partnered with Holi Boli. Tonic & Cloth garments are made in a variety of places (Jodie’s home, NZ, and India), and my particular jumpsuit was made in India, by Holi Boli.

Since wearing my jumpsuit and hearing more about what Holi Boli do, there are no surprises as to why I feel like getting on a plane and flying to India, ASAP.

Grab a cup of tea, perhaps a sweet treat if you’re lucky, and let’s chat more about Holi Boli’s work fighting poverty and empowering women…

Holi Boli are for the planet AND people. They love two things most: empowering women, and beautiful, ethical fashion.

The heart of Holi Boli is to help women in hard to reach places.

Because of this, Holi Boli have positioned themselves in a ‘hard to reach place’… rural India. Ana and her team have set up a sewing house, filled with vintage and industrial sewing machines. Here, they up-skill and train women to sew. Rather than providing handouts, Holi Boli believe that to have a job, to have money in ones own hand, is empowering.

I, personally, couldn’t agree more.

This is what the women employed by Holi Boli receive:

  • Fair wages

  • Status in their community

  • Excellent sewing/designing/pattern making skills

  • A safe and women-friendly environment to work in

  • Family-friendly working hours

Plus rumour has it; they also receive chai lattes! Proof of the team drinking chai lattes together below:

Chai Time.jpg

One of my favourite things about Holi Boli, is their responsible thinking around their waste. The offcuts produced after cutting patterns, are used to create one-of-a-kind garments, and the team sew with mostly non-electric treadle sewing machines.

Things are done in the traditional way at Holi Boli, to reduce electricity usage and preserve the planet’s resources. Garment patterns are drafted by hand, fabric is cut with scissors, and the little bits of fabric scraps are used in the sewing classes for younger girls as they learn. Once used there, they become stuffing for cushions! Genius.

Holi Boli garments are packed and sent in recycled shopping bags, and they’re always looking at additional ways to reduce their impact on the planet.


One of the best news I heard last year…

Holi Boli hired 8 new women in 2018.

8 new women who wake up every morning, passionate about getting to work. 8 new families impacted positively by YOUR conscious decision to buy clothes from a company who you know care for people and the planet.

It’s crazy to think, purchasing a garment isn’t just about your feelings of empowerment when you wear it; your purchase empowers the woman who made it too.

I take great pride in knowing Sangahamitra made my jumpsuit, and I will continue to think of her every time I put it on.

After chatting with Jodie about the future of Tonic & Cloth, it was clear she’s never going to stop: her passion to see women empowered is only growing from here! Jodie whole heartedly believes fashion can change lives through production decisions that positively impact women and their communities, and Holi Boli is an absolute testimony to that.


Tonic & Cloth, in collaboration with Holi Boli, have designed a collection for every woman to wear, created by woman who love to sew. Shorts, t-shirts, pants, dresses, and jumpsuits… they’ve made something for everyone.

Catch a wee glimpse of it in the photos below, and use code ETHICALLYKATE for $20 off your purchase.

-P.S. watch out for their new denim range dropping soon! Organic denim jeans are the rumour…

Shop Tonic & Cloth.


As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. This is a sponsored blog (I can't pay my electricity bill with free products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion.

Photography is thanks to my wonderful friend, Reuben.

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