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I Fell In Love At First Sight... With Fashion Label Betty Spoke

I Fell In Love At First Sight... With Fashion Label Betty Spoke

I’m a chronic exaggerator. I’m known to use words like ‘forever’, inflate sizes with my hands, and put the word LOVE on everything, even if I’m talking about a mundane object, like a pencil.

But this aside, I promise I’m not over exaggerating this time… At a runway show last year, I literally fell in love with Betty Spoke.

Betty Spoke 2.jpg

In November 2018, I flew across the ditch to attend Eco Fashion Week Australia as a media partner. I had the privilege of attending approximately 50 fashion shows within the space of just a few weeks, and there was one that caught my breath, stopped me in my tracks, and said “LOOK AT ME”.

I’m not sure if it was the cleverly hung spotlights on the run way, the model’s expertise in walking gracefully in a straight line, or the way the garments stood out among the crowd with prints and colour. All I know is, when Betty Spoke first hit the runway, I knew this would be my favourite brand to hit Eco Fashion Week Australia.

Betty Spoke, it turns out, is the brainchild of designer and maker, Jill. Her collection, Kamak, is the first fully zero waste collection from Betty Spoke, making me fall in love all over again.

Zero waste floats my boat.


A little about Betty Spoke’s collection…

Kamak was designed and created while working in community with the local ladies of Gunbalanya in the Northern Territory, Australia. By day, Jill worked directly with (and was inspired by) the Bininj Daluk women. Her goal: to promote a positive work ethic through the medium of sewing & textile crafts. By night she fabricated her own works from materials created by the Art Centre’s talented local artists.

These unique fabrics were carefully commissioned from the communities Injalak Arts centre in a bespoke colour range, specifically for the 2018 Eco Fashion Week Showcase. The garments were handmade by Aboriginal screen printers on quality linen/cotton blends, and adorned with the traditional art style of West Arnhem.

The collection name, Kamak, comes from the Bininj-Kunwok language and translates as “good”, an expression frequently used amongst the Kunwinkju people of the area.


I believe this collection by Betty Spoke is more than ‘Kamak’… it’s amazing.

Jumpsuits, two pieces, long dresses, short dresses, shorts, tops, and even hoodies: Jill has created a collection you could live in daily, but also dress up to any kind of event. The prints were bold enough to tell the story of the people behind their creation, but subtle enough to wear without feeling out of place. You can tell by the feature image… I forced myself back stage to meet Jill and try on the green jumpsuit. Worth it.

Betty spoke is currently producing in low quantities and only by demand. If you’d like to purchase a garment, please email: kamak@bettyspoke.com .

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