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TIGS&BOO: Your Online Eco-Lifestyle Store That Has It All

TIGS&BOO: Your Online Eco-Lifestyle Store That Has It All

Every week, I receive emails and messages, asking me for recommendations for natural beauty products, kitchen tools, home & living items, products for kids, and random things like sunscreen and mozzie repellent.

I love answering these messages. I know how overwhelming it can get, searching through google and finding random sites you have no idea about. Especially when you’re new to the ‘eco’ scene, it’s super daunting looking at products you’ve never heard about, let alone investing your money in them.

Drum roll please… I’ve got some exciting news for you!

TIGS&BOO have all these things above (and more of course) in one place.

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TIGS&BOO are an online eco living store, based in New Zealand, who serve customers worldwide. They’re passionate about only stocking products with honest ingredient lists that reflect their key values:

  • Organic: Produced without the help of chemicals or synthetic preservatives and additives

  • Vegan: Free of animal products

  • Cruelty Free: Not tested on animals

Like all great things, TIGS&BOO is a reflection of owner and founder, Laura’s, personal lifestyle. Laura’s drive for living a healthy and organic lifestyle, set her off on a five-year long journey to discover the best products for the human body and our planet.

A glimpse into what you’ll find at TIGS&BOO:

Body products from head to toe

Kitchen products

Laundry tools and soaps- and awesome metal pegs!

Kids & baby products



To be completely honest, until three years ago, I was super flippant about what I put on my body. I’d basically just use what was in the bathroom cupboard and smelt nice. I had no idea the importance of caring for my skin, and how damaging chemicals can be for both my health, and the planet. Not anymore!

TIGS&BOO do an excellent job at explaining each product in the description section, and including the ingredient list so that everything is transparent. They totally understand the importance of healthcare, and how the products we use daily, intertwine closely with our wellbeing. TIGS&BOO have an awesome blog space where they share more about the products they stock and provide info around the nasties to avoid too.

One of my favourite things about TIGS&BOO, is their easy to navigate website.

Everything is broken down into a basic category, so I can find what I need within only a few clicks. The fact it’s all in one place, also means there’s only one shipping cost (shipping is only $6.50 NZ wide), and less shipping materials. Ordering everything from separate places becomes an admin hassle, so I’m grateful TIGS&BOO have done the legwork for me to get it all in one place!

TIGS&BOO stock products I’ve never found before (like perfume that’s ACTUALLY natural and chemical free! More on this soon...), and I’m incredibly impressed with what Laura has created.

Recycled courier bags, natural products, and an easy online shop: what more could a gal ask for??

Shop at TIGS&BOO now.


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As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. This is a sponsored blog (I can't pay my electricity bill with free natural beauty products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion. Thanks to my brother, Isaac, for snapping a few of these pics.

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