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Oh Natural: New Zealand's Conscious Beauty And Lifestyle Store

Oh Natural: New Zealand's Conscious Beauty And Lifestyle Store

Natural beauty products are definitely a hit and miss. With rising awareness around what we put into and onto our bodies, natural beauty and homeware products are popping up everywhere; it's hard to know where to look and who to trust.

In 2012, Jenna Mullinger started a blog based off her passion for natural beauty: Oh Natural. It's since turned into New Zealand's one-stop-shop for natural beauty and homeware products. The online store has taken off, not surprisingly, as Jenna works hard to stock only products with cruelty free, natural, and wellness ethics behind their production.

I was lucky enough to receive a box of their top selling products from Media Jam, and I've been trialling the products ever since June this year.

As a completely non sponsored, unfiltered post, I thought I'd share with you my experience in putting the top selling products to the test to see why they are top sellers!

Packaging that I can pop in the compost (the wood shavings) and reuse the box or put in the recycling. Well done Oh Natural: great start!

Packaging that I can pop in the compost (the wood shavings) and reuse the box or put in the recycling. Well done Oh Natural: great start!


Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste $24:

Normal deodorants screw with your body's natural sweat process, and chemically stop you from sweating: that's not cool. This paste helps to neutralise underarm odour instantly, and keep you fresh without inhibiting the sweat glands ability to dispel toxins (which is why we sweat). It's handmade in Australia and one of the most popular natural deodorants I've come across.

- Certified organic ingredients

- Aluminium free

- Alcohol free

- Paraben free

- Suitable for vegans

Kate's Thoughts: The paste is easier to apply than any other pastes I've tried (trust me, I've tried a lot!), and doesn't leave you feeling oily and gross. It's not my favourite deodorant, but I have friends who swear by it, saying it lasts them up to 6 months, so they really get their money worth. I'm definitely using it, but find it doesn't mask the smell as much as I'd like it to. P.S. Natural deodorants work so differently for everyone, so don't take my word for it!


Inika Organic Long Lash Vegan Mascara $49.95

This mascara is made from 100% plant derived and natural ingredients. It's goal is to boost length, volume, and lash span, particularly doing so with the newly designed brush head. It's 100% vegan friendly, and makes your lashes nice and healthy with Vitamin E, Magnolia Bark Extract, and Sunflower Oil. It's great for sensitive eyes, and stays on all day long (trust me, I've tried).

Kate's Thoughts: Natural mascaras can smudge like crazy: not this one. It's slowly made it's way to my top two favourite mascaras, and I love that it's on the more affordable side too (some natural mascaras can be up to $100! GOSH.).


The Eco Floss Compostable Dental Floss $6.70

Mint flavoured, YUM, and completely compostable. The floss is made from cornstarch based PLA, and sits in a super cute, re-useable glass dispenser. It's ideal for travelling, and keeping in your handbag for those times when you look in the mirror and find your lunch chilling out in your teeth.

Kate's Thoughts: I've actually used this floss long before I knew Oh Natural stocked it: it's brilliant. It's just like normal floss, but you can pop it in your compost. Not compromising on hygiene and health is important for my eco-lifestyle, so this ticks all the boxes.


Bonk Lube Certified Organic Lubricant $4 - $23.99

Stop the snickering... eco-sex is a thing! This lube is made up of a light weight blend of hydrating Aloe Vera and New Zealand's native Harakeke extract. It's BioGro organically certified, and I love their slogan: Bonk, it's only natural...

Kate's Thoughts: I won't go into details: but I'd definitely recommend it if you need it.


Zoo Natural Teeth Whitener $44.95

Natural teeth whiteners are becoming very popular: because they really do work. This teeth whitener combines activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and spearmint and lemon essential oils. It's a chemical free way of working towards whiter teeth and a holistically healthier mouth. Bonus: it's made in New Zealand! Zoo teeth whitener helps to strengthen gums, detox the mouth, and reduce inflammation. PLUS 50 cents from each sale goes towards supporting The Orangutan Project.

Kate's Thoughts: I've only tried two teeth whiteners, but it's my favourite by far. Within a few weeks I was seeing results. Be prepared to get a little messy, but I promise, it's worth it. The messiness does make me use it less, but that's just me being lazy as it takes up more time in the bathroom. Using the teeth whitener in the shower is much less messy business FYI.

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