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Tayla'd Styling: The Salon That Made Me Quit Haircuts In My Kitchen

Tayla'd Styling: The Salon That Made Me Quit Haircuts In My Kitchen

I'm a low maintenance kinda girl. I don't spend time at beauty salons, I'd usually rather go hiking than have my nails done, and I've never paid more than $20 for a hair cut (my friend cuts it yearly, in my kitchen). A lot of this comes down to my decision to boycott chemicals, waste, and an industry that damages the planet I adore. But recently, this has all changed...

Since finding Sustainable Salons, I've been waiting for the day that a sustainable salon pops up near me. Only a few months after Sustainable Salons launched in New Zealand... Tayla'd Styling came on board... 5 minutes from my house! After speaking to the lovely owner, Tayla, I was invited in for a hair cut and to learn more about how they reduce their 'salon footprint'.

Tayla'd Styling is based in Silverdale, next to our local eco dry-cleaner and Northern Union Bar; ideal positioning... isn't a dry-clean, hair cut, and pint at the bar, the best trio? The salon is spearheaded by wonder woman, Tayla Carpenter, who's built a strong team of professionals who are passionate about hair, but most importantly, people. My experience at Tayla'd blew me away, and I left knowing I'd be back.

I was greeted with a chocolate fish and herbal tea: what a way to a woman's heart! Tayla introduced me to their range of shampoos and styling products: Matrix. Matrix products contain no sulfates, parabens, or artificial colourants, come from natural ingredients, and are vegan friendly (apart from a few which contain beeswax and honey).


Phoebe (you can find out more about the whole team here) washed my hair with the matrix products, treating me to a great head massage and a relaxing moment of peace to clear my mind.


Whilst cutting and styling my hair, Tayla and I chatted about all things eco, and I asked about how their sustainable salon works. As well as using natural products, Tayla'd work with Sustainable Salons to make sure all types of waste go to the right place. There are bins for paper, hair, metals, and plastics. The bags which contain each type of waste product are placed in a large bin which is collected by Sustainable Salons. The bags are transparent so they can see the contents, and recycle each one responsibly. The hair cut off my head is probably now in a hair boom soaking up oil spills in the ocean! The staff are educated on separating their waste, and they even collect rubbish along their street and dispose of it responsibly in their own bins. Talks of a compost bin or worm farm are in the works too.


One of my favourite things about the salon, was the obvious presence of Sustainable Salons. The front door had a large sticker explaining their collaboration, and round circles were placed on each mirror at a height for all clients to see. Starting the conversation around sustainability can be the tool which creates the most change, and I love how Tayla'd aren't shy to talk about it.

Aside from the fact I loved what they did with my hair, and felt so pampered throughout the entire experience, Tayla'd Styling know what's up when it comes to sustainability. Tayla'd designs are leading the way for salons in my local area, and I cannot wait to see what else they come up with.

Thank you lovelies for such a wonderful morning!

Find out more about Tayla'd Styling here.

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