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JAK Organics: Natural Skincare I Trust And Love

JAK Organics: Natural Skincare I Trust And Love

What you put on your skin; matters. There's always talk about what we put IN our bodies, but, in my humble opinion, never enough about what we put ON them. My eco-journey has lead me to use only products with natural ingredients, not tested on animals, and do well by the planet. The problem is, natural products can compromise on quality, lack practicality, and to be honest, fail miserably. Discovering JAK Organics was a big win for me and my skin... before writing this, I cleansed with the face wipe, and I'm now rubbing my cheeks which are as smooth as a baby's bum!

5 reasons I genuinely love JAK Organics:

1. 100% Natural

Putting strong chemicals on my skin, sounds like a silly idea to me. In fact, I've stuck to natural products for 2-3 years now, and I could never go back. I love that JAK Organics stick to natural ingredients, like cold-pressed and essential oils. I can trust that everything touching my skin is natural, rather than synthetic. JAK Organics make baby wipes too, so it's even more important for those caring for little ones, that the ingredients are helpful, rather than harmful, on their delicate skin.


2. Australian Owned

Founders Jemma, Alysha, and Karissa (JAK), grew up in the outdoors, specifically Victoria’s Sherbrooke Forest. Their love for nature and connecting the environment with wellbeing, morphed into a shared love of natural alternatives: thus JAK Organics began. I'm based in NZ, but natural skincare companies over in this side of the globe are few and far between, so these guys feel super local to me. I'd like to think I'm reducing my beauty-product air miles, and of course I want to support hard working gals rather than huge corporates.

3. Organic

As much as I love using natural ingredients, I don't want the environment to be compromised in the process. JAK Organics have ensured we don't need to worry about this, as all their products are organic, ethically farmed, and sustainable.

4. Transparent

Generally, only active ingredients are listed in the ingredients of skin care products, meaning brands can sneakily leave out important ingredients that users may not like if they were to know! JAK Organics list every single ingredient. They've also been incredibly open when I've asked questions about their range from a blogger's perspective. I make a point to ask the hard questions, and they aren't afraid to share. I dig this.

5. Biodegradable

JAK Organics are known for their amazing wipes which are talked about as some of the best on the market. But when JAK Organics and I first discussed teaming up, I immediately backed off: wipes aren't usually the most eco-friendly of things, and I wasn't about to compromise my eco values. I nearly fell over backwards when their email response contained images of a test they carried out on their wipes (made from bamboo) in the compost. Yes, they don't break down in a few days, but their wipes will break down in a home compost in about 6 months- I'll keep you updated on how mine go.

I've been lucky enough to trial most of the JAK Organic range. To help you decide what may work best for you, here's a brief review:

Body wipes:

The body wipes smell amazing (some wipes can be quite natural smelling), and are particularly moisturising. I generally only use wipes when I am travelling, and moisturising is a quality I desperately need when venturing around. They are cooling, soft, and don't leave a sticky feeling after use.

Face wipes:

The real test of face wipes, is removing makeup. I'm happy to report: they passed the test! The wipes are slightly more natural smelling, which shouldn't put you off, rather assure you that there are no chemical nasties present. As I mentioned earlier, the wipes leave your skin quite literally radiant and smooth. I'm excited to try these out when I travel next, as the resealable packaging is one of the strongest I've found.

Soothe pot:

I've been using this specifically on itchy bites, my lips, and aching feet. It has been amazing as an anti-inflammatory (though I wouldn't recommend for intense injuries), and I adore the coconut smell. I'm all about products that are multi-purpose, so this ticks so many boxes. P.S. It can even remove makeup too.


The scrub super fun to use (I love the textures and smells!), and really does the job. It's a messy experience, which is why I love it, but beware if you're not up for mess.

Browse through JAK Organic's range here!


As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. This is a sponsored blog (I can't pay my electricity bill with free natural beauty products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion.

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