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The Maharani Collection: Sunglasses Chains Made With Thought + Love

The Maharani Collection: Sunglasses Chains Made With Thought + Love

To be honest, when I found out Bohome and Roam were working on sunglasses chains... I flipped my lid and could have cartwheeled (Fun fact: I have never done a cartwheel in my life, not even as a kid... my legs feel too long). Sunglasses have always been one of my favourite accessories, and caring for them has always been a big challenge.

The sunglasses storing tricks I've tried:

  • The awkward hooked-on-to-my-t-shirt-between-my-imaginary-cleavage move

  • The hair-stick-up-funny-on-top-of-my-head strategy

  • One sunglasses arm tucked in the pocket (not recommended... crack)

  • Leave-them-somewhere-never-to-be-seen-again (expensive manoeuvre, only for the rich)

  • Storing them in a sunglasses case religiously for 2 days, then getting lazy, throwing the sunglasses case away, and immediately getting them scratched in my handbag

I can tell you now... none of these worked. Wearing tacky second-hand sunglasses holders was also not an option for me, and due to my ethical consumerism standards, the cheap alternatives at mainstream malls never cut it. Bohome and Roam... "thank you".

Bohome and Roam have created a collection that is not only practical, but drop dead gorgeous. Plus, when I wear them, I have the story of the makers proudly on my mind.

"The Maharani Collection is for bohemian goddesses with a wanderlust soul, fiery spirit, and conscious heart."

These sunglasses chains are carefully crafted in Jaipur, India, in collaboration with under-privileged and marginalised artisans. Bohome and Roam have partnered with an organisation who support artisans to earn a sustainable livelihood. They are able to extend their jewellery making skills, alongside other social empowerment opportunities. This was proven true when I first heard about the story of the artisan's team leader, Mr Arun...

Mr Arun came to the organisation Bohome and Roam partner with, on the verge of a financial crisis. Since then, he's achieved his life long goal of sending his daughter to college: the only female in their village who has strived for a higher education. Not only that, but he is now the coordinator of eight men, who's craftsmanship is the reason behind the beautiful sunglasses chains.

A few months ago, I asked Aimee, founder, "what is Bohome and Roam?" I thought her words would include 'an online store', 'bohemian styled homeware and accessories', and the usual spiel I hear from brands daily. Instead, she briefly hopped over these concepts and made me realise: Bohome and Roam is more than a brand. Aimee told me her products tell a story of the makers, she discussed the movement of slow fashion, slow living, conscious consumerism, and respecting people and the planet. The Maharani Collection is the ultimate reflection of who Bohome and Roam are as not just a brand, but a movement.

A boho goddess, fiery, soulful movement.

These sunglasses chains are genuinely my new favourite accessory. I keep them safe in their little pouch, and take great pride in showing my friends and family. The other day, I literally left my parents house, walked all the way to my car, forgot I hadn't shown them, and came back for another 10 minutes of describing why I love them, how they were made, and how good they looked from every angle... thanks for musing me mum and dad.

If you're like me, and love accessorising in a boho-classy way, whilst saving your sunnies; these are your new best friend. The chains sit comfortably at the side of your face, and the gem at the back (you can choose your type of stone and it comes with the chains for free) adds so much to an outfit. I love wearing mine with plain dresses so they pop out, or dressing up a really casual outfit.

P.S. when you don't need them on your face, make sure to close the arms of the glasses for maximum support (not like me, being all rebellious in these photos ;))

Choose your chain colour and stone here

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