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Kate's Quarterly Collection: April Addition

Kate's Quarterly Collection: April Addition

I'm super excited to introduce you to the very first 

Kate's Quarterly Collection

It's no secret that I adore ethical fashion and natural products. Now that Ethically Kate is one of my day jobs, I pinch myself every time I get to work with an ethical brand to show you their sustainable alternatives. It sounds cliche, but I truly mean it.

Kate's Quarterly Collection is a document of my top favourite and featured brands. This will be released every quarter, and always available for you to look back on.

Without further rambling... let's get into it.

Vintage Style Me: White Floral Dunagrees

I'm wearing these as I write this. My Vintage Style Me overalls have become my new daily uniform. I'll have them forever- I just know it. VSM make all garments to order, meaning slow fashion is their #1 priority. Rhiannon Alexander and her team, make the garments in their studio in Cheltenham, England. The fabric is either vintage, reclaimed, or bought in England. All designs are unique, meaning I can't get out of the house without someone stopping to comment on my outfit. These overalls make me feel like I've gone back in time when I'm out on my peppermint green bike (pictured above) to get my veggies from the market!

The overall clasps are super firm and easy to use, and the pockets mean they are perfect for storing your phone, keys, and even my peanut butter at the market (long story). I've been wearing them with singlets and t-shirts underneath, but now it's getting cooler, a long sleeved top works too. They are evergreen!

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WAMA: Hemp Hipsters

Images by Oh Leone

I've realised I'm potentially on the obsessed scale when I think about how often I tell people about my hemp underwear... but seriously. When I first heard of WAMA, I was skeptical. But man oh man. Have you got a pair yet? First off, hemp is a super breathable and anti-bacterial material, meaning hemp makes brilliant sense to use for underwear. They are hipsters, so sit at just the right point on your body for you to wear with jeans and lower fitting pants. Although they are slightly boy-leg, you don't see your underwear line under your pants- a practical win, as I hate when that happens.

Tim (my darling husband who graciously posed in his underwear all in the name of eco-fashion) rocks WAMA too, and they've also become one of his top pairs. Ethically made, eco-friendly, super comfy, and easy to wash. WAMA may be brand new, but they're definitely onto something great.

Woodfolk: Terracotta Earrings + Necklace + Dot Ring

Images by Nectar Photography

Ceramic jewellery?? New favourite thing! My terracotta 3 circle earrings, circle necklace, and dot ring have worked their way up to the ranks of 'Kate's most worn jewellery'- that didn't take long. Woodfolk products are proudly designed in Australia by jeweller and designer Julia Denes, and handmade in collaboration with Nepali artisans. As a proud member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, Woodfolk work to sustain and carryon the traditional skills of Nepalese artisans. Woodfolk also have a strong commitment to the environment. They use only natural and sustainable materials, including 100% recycled paper, traditional ink, and hand pressed stamps for all of their branding and packaging.

One thing I love about my Woodfolk trio, is their simplicity and adaptability. I can wear them daily, together, separate, with patterns, or plain colours. Equally, I can wear them with a more formal dress to make that outfit pop too.

The Natural Co: Travel Skincare Kit

I honestly used to be shocking with taking my beauty products travelling. I try my best to pack light, so I used to leave out all my usual beauty products. I would bring only the items I needed to get by without smelling bad or losing hygiene standards. Since using this Herb Farm mini set from The Natural Co., I know I'll never go back to that way of travelling. I used to get super dry skin, feel dirty and drab, and relieved when I got home so that I could use my skincare products again.

When I took this set of 4 skincare products to Australia in March, I was SO pleased with the outcome. They are the perfect size for me to feel like I'm still travelling minimally, but they'll last me several more trips too (none have come close to running out). The kit includes a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, and moisturiser.

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The Eco Brush: Toothbrush

Dental hygiene is crucial (we all know how much dentists cost!). But finding out that every toothbrush used, still exists, its a hard fact to face when considering the environment. I'm so happy to have found an alternative that still cleans my teeth, but doesn't introduce more plastic either. The Eco Brush toothbrush, is made out of bamboo. Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable resource, as it grows up to a metre a day, needing no water/chemicals/pesticides to encourage growth. This means I can also throw my toothbrush in the compost when it's old and unusable! The bristles are not currently compostable, and must be cut off and put in the rubbish bin. The Eco Brush team are working hard to change this, but at the moment there are no alternative materials that will still clean teeth to a high standard.

The Eco Brush has soft bristles, making your brushing experience easier on the gums (recommended by dentists). I've tried several different bamboo toothbrushes, but the handle on The Eco Brush is definitely my favourite. The curves and grip are just right.

Dorsu: Relaxed T-shirt Dress Periwinkle

Images by Nectar Photography

My Dorsu dress has been a staple this summer, and I'm excited to wear it in winter with long sleeved shirts underneath- I'll give it a whirl! Dorsu use remnant fabric to make their clothes, meaning fabric that would otherwise go to landfill. The bright blue made my summer fun and bright, and the longer length is super practical for an un-graceful, active chick like me. Top secret: it's the best dress for when you forget your PJs and need something comfy (a hack for all travellers!).

Dorsu garments are made in Cambodia, under fair-trade conditions. If you visit their shop, you can even see the people making clothes behind the racks.

Elle Evans: Raya Crop LeggingsSol Sport Tank GrapefruitFruta Sports Bra Fruity

Images by Isaac Craig

After purchasing an Elle Evans bikini a few years ago and loving it, I'm SO thankful to now have an activewear set in my wardrobe too. I'm a keen runner and yogi, meaning comfortable activewear is a necessity. Elle Evans garments are made out of Econyl. Econyl is made from nylon waste, like old fishing nets, carpets, fabrics, and fluff. With the environment at the centre of Elle Evans' beliefs and values, it was a no brainer to use this waste-reducing material to create beautiful garments.

I use my leggings, sports top, and tank, for both running and yoga. I find the sports bra super fitting and supportive, and the tank is a great little cover up when I don't want to be so exposed. I live right by the beach, which makes Elle Evans the perfect activewear choice for me. Because the fabric is also swimsuit material, I can go for a run, and jump straight in the ocean! No problems with chaffing walking home, and I don't wreck the clothes.

ReCreate: Reflect Tie Dress Sierra Rose

Images by Isaac Craig

ReCreate's new Autumn/Winter collection was released last month, and I'm really impressed! The new collection features a few new pops of colour, and I pounced on this tie dress as soon as I could. Even though blacks and greys are great staples, I've always been a big fan of colour. In winter, when things are a bit dreary and depressing, wearing vibrant coloured clothes can make life even just a tiny bit more interesting.

ReCreate are a New Zealand brand, who've established a sewing, training and, production centre in Cambodia. They have amazing working standards and benefits for their employees, including 30 hour working weeks so that they can all have extra time with their families.

I have no doubt this red beauty will be a key winter piece for me- I can already imagine it with tights and boots.

TAMGA Designs: Kezia Dress - Padang

Images by Nectar Photography

TAMGA Designs are what I call my "spirit brand", meaning everything they produce, feels as though it was designed just for me. It's no surprise they're in my quarterly collection! It was hard to choose my favourite TAMGA garment this summer, but the Kezia dress won this time around. Made from 100% sustainable micro-tencel, this dress flows like no other garment I own, and makes me feel like a boho traveller.

This is the padang print, designed by hand, and produced ethically in Bali. The adjustable straps mean the dress is versatile for all shapes, and the tie at the back helps with sizing concerns too. One of my favourite parts of about it: bras are optional.

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Needs More Cushions: Divo Cushion

New Zealand's number one ethical cushion brand: no jokes. Needs More Cushions have curated a beautiful collection of ethical cushions, made right here in New Zealand. NMC source textiles from communities all over the globe. The textiles are artisan-crafted, and come with a story of empowerment and fair-trade. The fabrics are then shipped to New Zealand, where NMC employ former refugees to make stylish cushions for the contemporary home. The makers are given fabric at the start of the week, along with order instructions, and then work at their own pace, in their own homes. This model of business allows the makers to be comfortable, work around their family commitments, and become more settled in their new environment.

My divo cushion has become my main squeeze (sorry, Tim!) in bed. I love the texture of the fabric, and the seams are so robust and beautifully made, I know it will last me a life time. As a cushion enthusiast... I'm SO glad Needs More Cushions exist.

Use code ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off!

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