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WAMA Underwear: The company making your ethical undies out of hemp

WAMA Underwear: The company making your ethical undies out of hemp

When I first heard of hemp undies, to be brutally honest, I pictured some raggedy old grannie undies that would suit a hippy who had armpit hair down to her elbow. Not the case. WAMA Underwear have totally hit the nail on the head when it comes to underwear. They win my heart every time I put on my pair of my ethically made knickers.


How it began:

WAMA grew out of the discovery that hemp fabric is one of the most sustainable, breathable, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial textiles out there. On top of this, it is naturally resistant to mold and mildew, and is easily washable in a machine. Turning hemp fabric into soft and comfy underwear was a no brainer for WAMA. It felt like the best application for a fabric of these qualities, and hot damn it worked!

These ethically made hemp undies are as close to perfect as underwear will ever get, and I know why. WAMA evolved out of a fascination with hemp fabric, so the team couldn't help but design their very own hemp fabric from scratch. They started at the beginning of the production process, and spent endless hours on the fabric creation, stitches, colours, pattern pieces, and overall design. WAMA put every single ounce of energy into making these undies great.


Ethical practices:

On top of the eco-friendly fabric and brilliant design WAMA have created, is their passion for fair trade practices, and transparency of business. Their manufacturing is based in China, the world leader in hemp textiles, and the factories they work with maintain quality working environments, and uphold the fair treatment of workers who are paid fair wages. WAMA have positioned a team member permanently in China. Their job is to watch over the manufacturing processes, run frequent audits, and make sure each factory keep fair standards of working environment and pay.



WAMA have got some pretty cool certifications under their belt too. They are proudly GOTS and PETA certified. You may be asking, what do these actually mean?

A wee breakdown for you:

GOTS= Global Organic Textile Standard.

To gain a GOTS certification, the brand is assessed for social responsibility, fair harvesting of the raw materials (hemp in this case), environmental impact, and water and energy use.

PETA= People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

This means any product PETA approved has not been tested on animals.

P.S. WAMA are vegan friendly too!


Sustainability driven:

It’s pretty rare to come across a brand who go all out for every aspect of their production process. Heck, I was even having a discussion with WAMA about their mailing system and how to improve the sustainability of their recycled, reusable, and recyclable polymailers. They literally don’t stop at anything; they’re continuously looking for improvements.


Why we love WAMA:

So, my husband, Tim, and I have been shamelessly won over by WAMA’s hemp underwear. They are comfy, yet flattering, they don't ride up, don't make you hot in summer, and never smell. Our flat mates are convinced, my mum’s jealous, and my friends keep telling me to shut up about underwear. If you want your booty to feel great in hemp undies too, check out WAMA underwear. Guaranteed, your tush will thank you for it.


Womens’ WAMA

Men’s WAMA


Photography by: Ohleone

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