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The Natural Co: Your Go To For Beauty And Home Products

The Natural Co: Your Go To For Beauty And Home Products

With so many natural brands popping up all over the place, it's hard to know where to look. Natural products are a hit and miss; it's a daunting task to know what to look out for, and if they really work. New Zealanders... I've got something exciting to share.

The dream: a curated online platform, where products have been tested by someone just like you, and put into an easy to use website where you can read about each product, and have them shipped to you immediately.

Reality: The Natural Co.

Just as the name implies, The Natural Co. is home to all your natural product needs. The Natural Co. was Founded in 2016 by Rebecca; a passionate natural product enthusiast who look her passion one step further. Rebecca stocks primarily New Zealand and Australian products, and focuses on supporting and collaborating with smaller boutiques. When you meet Rebecca in person, it's no secret that she's serious about what she does. Nothing is done half-heartedly at The Natural Co., which makes me count on the products and their quality even more.

Rebecca has been a natural product enthusiast ( or should I say addict?) for years. Over this time, she's tried several natural products, and worked out which are most effective. She's met some of the makers, trialled the products, and spends a lot of time online researching products and their reviews.

One of my favourite things about The Natural Co., is their strict values around sustainability, keeping chemicals out of the equation, and sticking to local products where possible. Their ethos totally aligns with my own, and whenever I need something, I know I can pop to their online shop, or message Rebecca personally- heck, I've got an order in the mail as we speak!

I recently took my Herb Farm Normal and Sensitive Skincare Minis Kit to Australia with me whilst I attended several eco-fashion events in Melbourne and Sydney. I've always been one to pack light, meaning I generally leave all my usual beauty products at home. This comes with the downfall of not caring for my skin properly whilst I am travelling. With the Herb Farm kit, I was able to fit the products into my usual toiletries bag, and keep fresh!

My Travel Skincare Routine

Rose Cream Cleanser:

I'm generally not a frequent makeup wearer, but with so many events and meetings, I wore it everyday. The cleanser took it off quickly and smoothly, and suited my slightly sensitive skin- meaning I wasn't a red paced panda after scrubbing my makeup off!

Exfoliating Powder:

I exfoliated every second day, mixing the cleanser and the powder. It was super easy to apply, though slightly messy as the powder is, well, a powder. An exfoliator is one of the products I used to leave behind when I travel, but now it will forever come with me- it makes me feel so damn fresh after a long day.

Facial Toning Mist:

Toning mists have never been part of my daily routine, but the toner replaced my usual oil (which I didn't want to risk spilling in my bag). This toner is super light, and makes you feel like your skin is literally glowing- though this is probably due to the fact you've cleansed and exfoliated too!

Rose Face Cream:

Last, but not least, I used the face cream to top it all off. I used this only at night time, as I felt the toner was enough for my skin in the morning, and the cream is so smooth and soothing, that I wanted to savour it.

Travel kits aren't the only thing The Natural Co. stock. You'll find bamboo tooth brushes, deodorants, soaps, bread bags, metal straws, kitchen brushes, and baby products, to name just a few. My personal favourite section: plastic and waste free products. Rebecca has made it easy for you to find products that suit your zero waste lifestyle, so you can shop quickly and easily!

Browse The Natural Co. here x

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