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Multiverse Designs: Wooden Jewellery That Stands Up For The Planet

Multiverse Designs: Wooden Jewellery That Stands Up For The Planet

I've always been a massive fan of all things wooden. I used to live in a little cabin on my parents lawn with a wooden desk, wooden shelves, wooden bed, wooden draws, wooden paintings, wooden ornaments, and vines climbing through my windows (because I tamed them in) to top off my outdoorsy forest theme. You can imagine my reaction when I found Multiverse Designs: wooden brooches, wooden necklaces, wooden earrings, wooden earphone holders, the list goes on!

Multiverse Designs are a small New Zealand company, based in Auckland. Husband and wife duo, Victoria and Luke, started this little wooden business just for fun. After selling their creations at markets, they realised very quickly, that they were onto a good thing.

"Multiverse Designs is our way of showcasing the beauty of the natural world while minimising the impact upon it."

You can always tell when a business isn't about the profits, it's about the message. Multiverse Designs are a brilliant example of this. They don't just sell products, they sell a movement; a new way of living that looks after the earth and it's people. How do they do this? Sustainable packaging, reclaimed materials, fair wages, keeping everything local, and a whole lot of passion and hard work.

Sustainable packaging:

Victoria and Luke have worked hard to find the best sustainable packaging solutions. It's easy to simply give up and compromise on seemingly small things like packaging, as the costs of sustainable alternatives can be enormous. But they stuck to their guns. After intensive research, they now source their paper boxes, tissue paper, and paper padded jiffy bags (for couriering) all from New Zealand suppliers. The suppliers have zero waste and sustainable values, which align perfectly with the vision of Multiverse Designs. You can read more about their packaging here.

Reclaimed materials:

Multiverse Designs work with another kiwi (kiwi= New Zealander for those who don't know the lingo!), who rescues wood from demolished houses, that would otherwise be thrown into landfill. They reclaim the wood, knowing they can make something beautiful out of it, and use natural hemp seed oil and beeswax to finish the products off.

Forest & Bird:

Recently, Multiverse Designs have teamed up with Forest & Bird to help restore our New Zealand wildlife and forests. As if they weren't doing great things for the planet anyway, they now donate 10% of every sale to Forest & Bird.

"When you purchase from Multiverse Designs, you can guarantee you are making a purchase for the environment."

Sometimes I wonder if my Multiverse Designs addiction is normal... but then I remember, Multiverse Designs are not normal, they're freakin' brilliant. I've been lucky enough to get to know Victoria personally, and she's one of a kind. The effort she puts into every single aspect of her business is phenomenal, and her passion for the environment is so contagious, you can't help but smile.

What began as a side-hobby for a couple passionate about the environment, has turned into a fully fledged business; and I couldn't be more excited for them! They've just released a 'Geo Collection' which is filled with flattering shapes, unique designs, and nature inspired jewellery.

Get your own Multiverse Designs here.



Photograph: Isaac Craig @itsisaaccraig

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