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Eco Fashion Week: DAY FOUR

Eco Fashion Week: DAY FOUR

You can take a girl away from her animals, but you can’t take the animals away from the girl. The last day of Eco Fashion Week Port Douglas was exciting! Not only did I see the collection of my favourite designer (more on that below), but we spent the day at Wildlife Habitat and even went behind the scenes to check out their conservation spaces. Here’s me trying to get a selfie with a kangaroo…

More details on the kangaroos to come, but for now… let’s recap the final night of Eco Fashion Week Port Douglas.

Junk Weavers


I’m not sure if you can see from this image, that this is indeed an Elton John flag worn as a dress… And you definitely won’t guess that the rest of the garment is made from recycled cat and dog food bags. Junk Weavers are the ultimate upcyclers. Their strategy is to enable, preserve, educate, and empower individuals to recycle responsibly, and develop themselves sustainably within their community. This dress was a jaw dropper!

Livie Rose


Winner of the of the Best Australian Made Design award (Queensland), Livie Rose caught my eye from the get-go. After seeing her jewellery on the opening night, it was awesome to see her nautical inspired collection in it’s full glory. Made from natural cotton rope, the pieces were bold and beautiful: reminding me of a powerful underwater goddess.

Betty Spoke


My favourite collection of the entire week, show cased on the final night: what a way to finish! Betty Spoke included natural fibres, natural dyes, jumpsuits, dresses, and two pieces. I loved how playful, stylish, but simple the pieces were. You could wear them on the runway, to the shops, or to a formal party.

It’s no wonder I loved them… after looking at their site I found their value statement:

We appreciate that clothing is a necessary part of the everyday & that everyday life should be an exciting affair! We cater to like minded individuals who want practicality as well as individuality from what they wear.

I had the honour of interviewing Jill, founder of Betty Spoke, so watch out for more behind the scenes with Betty Spoke soon.


Top & Skirt: TAMGA Designs

Jewellery: Chic Made Consciously

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