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Eco Fashion Week Australia: DAY ONE

Eco Fashion Week Australia: DAY ONE

After months and months of anticipation and preparation, Eco Fashion Week Australia 2018 has finally kicked off!!

I spent the morning working, before heading off to the Sunday markets. If there’s a market, Kate will always sniff it out! - plus a helpful follower let me know they existed. Thanks lovely.

After a picnic lunch and chats with the local veggie stall owners (classic Kate), I headed off to a fitting and rehearsal… yip that’s right: I went from media partner to model this evening!


I was honoured to rock a Green Embassy garment (designed and made by Zuhal, CEO of Eco Fashion Week) on the runway tonight, made out of up-cycled curtains and alpaca wool from the designer’s own farm and home. I had a few ‘what the heck am I doing’ moments back stage, but made it through with the delight of wearing such a gorgeous, sustainably made garment, and the encouragement from sweet young models back stage.

The Green Embassy collection was outstanding: I’d highly recommend checking out their website for some more detail on the creations.


Another stand out, was Clawdi. Her garment was bold, a true statement, and the crowd went wild as the model turned around and revealed “LIVE FAST, BUY SLOW”: a motto I find myself embracing.


I was drawn to the Birdtribe garments, because naturally, I’m a sucker for nature. Made from natural dyes and fibres, I could imagine myself wearing something like this daily. Pressed leaves in clothing designs can often look tacky, but Birdtribe certainly pull it off well.


While getting my hair done before my big model debut (shall I quit my day job?), I commented on a lady’s exquisite jumpsuit. Turns out, that was the right thing to do. Jill, the beautiful jumpsuit lady, had made the jumpsuit herself and was a designer in the show! Her label, Betty Spoke, was perhaps my favourite of the night; I’m excited to see her full collection on Wednesday. The rest of the shows will have to do something outstanding to top it.

What an impressive opening show, a great way to start a brilliant week!

Tomorrow we have a full day visiting the Great Barrier Reef restoration project, and a touch of snorkelling before more FASHION.


Jumpsuit: Tonic & Cloth

Shoes: Hello Darling

Clutch: Outliv

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