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What You'll Find In My Jewellery Box

What You'll Find In My Jewellery Box

I’m a bit of a jewellery nerd. I spend several minutes every morning, eyeing up all the options, and finding just the right pieces to wear with my outfit. I notice jewellery on everyone I meet, even strangers in the street.

If you browse through my jewellery collection, you’ll find one brand appears most…

Bohome & Roam.

Bohome & Roam have been in my life for nearly two years; I’ve had the privilege of watching Bohome & Roam grow since the very beginning. When I wear their pieces, I can bet you $500 someone will comment- and then I jump at the chance to share where they’re from.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in my jewellery box…


I had been jealous of my husband’s sunglasses chain (a cotton thread style pair he found on the ground at a festival!) for months. When Bohome & Roam hinted these were coming… it was well worth the wait. Although I’ve talked about these beauties in a separate blog post already, I’ll refresh you on the basics:

  • Made by artisans in Jaipur, India

  • Inspired by Bohome’s adventures through Rajasthan

  • Crafted with the highest quality gold vermeil ball chain and silicon strap

  • Keeps your sunglasses scratch free and safe

  • Doubles as a necklace with a sweet gem stone hanging at the back

This is my first summer with this gorgeous piece, and I’m excited to use them daily. A few of my friends have already jumped on the bandwagon, and we’re all continuously impressed at how beautiful but practical they are.



To give you an example of how much I love this necklace, I’ve been away three times in the last two months, and every time my necklace came with me (that’s saying a lot for a light packer!). My black agate necklace is made by female artisans working to build new lives for themselves and their families in Cambodia. It’s stunning.

I chose the black stone because of it’s meaning:

“The stabilising energy of black agate is powerful and grounding to even the free-est of spirits. It helps gain insight into inner thoughts and feelings, and to release unhelpful emotional patterns. Black agate also provides strength and security to move on, making it a perfect stone during times of loss or grief.”

With a 14 carat gold chain and gold plated edging, my black agate necklace goes with everything. I wear it with more formal dresses, but most commonly with everyday casual wear- I’m not one to dress up often. It’s also available in three more colours: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and White Howlite.



It’s no wonder this set if often sold out! A duo made for the boho traveller, beach babe, or gypsy, this is a pair I'll own forever. The bracelet is crafted from agate beads, Cambodian threads, and brass. Meanwhile, the earrings include 14 carat gold studs, a gold plated cone, and a unique flat tassel (emphasis on the word unique… I see tassels everywhere these days, but never as well made and carefully designed as these).

Thically Kate (25 of 37).jpg


I’m not lying when I say this is the most popular piece of jewellery I own. A man at Bunnings (a hardware store) stopped to admire it. I had so many comments about it, that myself and my Instagram followers demanded it be restocked, hah! That also means it’s limited edition, just for you guys.

Made in India from layers of wood that create a multi dimensional cuff, this bracelet is my most worn piece of jewellery I own.

Thically Kate (34 of 37).jpg

Shopping at Bohome & Roam? Use code ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off.

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As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. This is a sponsored blog (I can't pay my electricity bill with free products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion.

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