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Artisan & Fox: Celebrating Skilled Artisans

Artisan & Fox: Celebrating Skilled Artisans

"Plastic-free and eco-friendly, this packaging was also made label-free so it can have a long healthy life". When a package arrived containing this note and the name of the artisan who made my product, I was blown away even before I saw the real thing!

There are so many eco-brands out there, and it's often hard to know when companies are green-washing, hiding other parts of their business by over 'eco' compensation in one area, or are genuinely trying. Artisan and Fox are one of the most holistic companies I know. In EVERY part of their business, they go all out on looking after the environment and people. Here's a glimpse into why they are the bees knees...

Elijah from Nairobi, Kenya, made my beautiful Askari Bone Bangle (see images below). Read more about Elijah  here.

Elijah from Nairobi, Kenya, made my beautiful Askari Bone Bangle (see images below). Read more about Elijah here.

Artisan & Fox work with artisans all across the globe in Nepal, Kenya, Guatemala, Mexico, Syria, and Afghanistan. Their online marketplace came out of an awareness that all throughout developing nations are skilled artisans lacking access to the global market, but who have skills that are not to be wasted. So, Artisan & Fox travel through these countries, and form relationships with artisans who create gorgeous jewellery, bags, and scarfs for you and me.

Artisan & Fox have a strict policy of working only with ethical and responsible artisans and small artisan groups. They are transparent in sharing that 50% of profits are given to the artisan, after costs (a massive increase compared to the usual 5-10% in fast-fashion margins). They also celebrate each artisan on the Artisan & Fox website where consumers can see the faces of who made their products, and hear their stories.

To top off the fair trade artisan collaborations, sustainable packaging, and care for all parts of the production process, Artisan & Fox have recently launched Threads of Syria. Threads Of Syria is a not-for-profit initiative working with Syrian women refugees living in the Chatila refugee camp in Lebanon.

Their aim: to provide sustainable livelihoods for the Syrian women refugees and their families through the sale of these beautiful hand-knitted Syrian scarves. All profits generated go directly to the refugees and their communities.

I am lucky enough to have an Artisan & Fox Askari Bone Bracelet, and it's even more gorgeous in real life. The metal is strong and durable, with that rustic copper look that I unashamedly drool over. I personally think some bone necklaces and jewellery can be tacky, but there are absolutely NO tacky vibes here. The bracelet is your staple piece to add something classy to your little black dress, or dress up jeans and a t-shirt.

Disclaimer: The hand in the picture is my lovely flatmate's, Courtney. The bracelet, unfortunately, does not fit my hand! Be careful to measure your hand and refer to the sizing (Inner diameter of bangle is 6.4 cm) before you purchase. Find an alternative product if you think it may not fit.

Head over to Artisan & Fox and all their handcrafted products here- don't forget to use code ETHICALLYKATE for 10% off!!

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