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Sustainable From Seed To Garment: ReCreate Clothing

Sustainable From Seed To Garment: ReCreate Clothing

The more I learn about ethical fashion, the more I understand how many layers there are to this complex phenomenon that has become the center of my attention. My standards have grown with time and knowledge, and I no longer look at simply 'who made my clothes?'. I want to know how the garment was made all the way from a plant crop to being on my body. ReCreate get this. ReCreate are a fair trade fashion company who produce boutique street wear for women, men, and children. They care about every step of the production process, and I am so stoked to have these guys up on the shop site, ready at your finger tips for when you need those basic but trendy pieces that are good for you and the planet.

Ethical ~ Organic ~ Sustainable are ReCreate's key words to live by, and I'm 100% on board. The first thing that stood out to me when I discovered this brand, was their detailed transparency around each of these three words.

Ethical: All ReCreate clothes are produced in Cambodia at the sewing, production, and training centre. ReCreate hold family time as upmost important and ensure their workers are happy and well looked after. ReCreate workers work 30 hour weeks, are paid fair living wages, given extensive sewing training, a beautiful work environment, and even extra education in budgeting, writing, and other life skills.

Sustainable: ReCreates' environmental management plan is regularly reviewed as they strive to make it better each day. They only use 100% recycled, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable poly mailers and also send their clothes in recycled, reusable bags (trust me, the reusable bags are great for packing cells!). The garment material is always either recycled, organic, natural, or sustainably sourced, and they reduce their waste where possible by reusing offcuts of fabric, and monitoring their water and electricity usage.

Organic: ReCreate are GOTS certified- heck yes! GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard (learn more about this certification here). Their denim is also certified through the Better Cotton Initiative to ensure buyers can trust their products are good to the people who make them, as well as the environment.

I LOVE my ReCreate form tee and often get compliments around it's design. Yes, it's a plain black tee, but the slightly winged sleeves and light fabric mean it's extra special and can be worn with anything. I think this calls for an impromptu photoshoot in the middle of the road....


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