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BurgerFuel's V8 Vegan Takes Over New Zealand

BurgerFuel's V8 Vegan Takes Over New Zealand

BurgerFuel have hit the hungry hearts of vegans all over the country. FINALLY, but as per usual, this hot and trendy purple brand have kept up with the trend and crafted a burger without the help of any furry, feathery, or scaled friends.


Introducing the V8 Vegan: Crumbed pumpkin, carrot, chickpea and ginger bites meet newbies on the block vegan provolone cheese, miso pea mash, and… wait for it… BurgerFuel’s custom made VEGAN AIOLI. If you’ve ever been to BurgerFuel, you’ll know all about the aioli. For so long, vegans have had to regretfully customise the aioli out of their meals whilst looking longingly into the distance. That’s what I like about BurgerFuel, you ask, they listen. They’ve nailed it on the head this time by working hard in the test kitchen (a marvellous and secret place) to create the perfect taste.


Before the V8 Vegan was even in store, I was lucky enough to surprise a Vegan Picnic in the Park at the Auckland Domain with the first ever V8 Vegan burgers in the country… it was like watching a school trip at a candy shop. Oh my gosh they LOVED it. The green loving foodies salivated over the custom-made provolone cheese (yip that’s right, Burgerfuel weren’t happy with the vegan alternatives out there so they made their own), and the aioli invoked a group ‘mmmmmm’. It was gone before you could say ‘best aioli ever’. I snacked on the new and improved V-twin Vege because unfortunately the vegan burger isn’t gluten free (the next step for BF= GF + vegan). Regardless, I got a kick out of the gleeful vegan faces covered in aioli, obviously in their happy place.


It was awesome to feel a part of what Burgerfuel are offering the Vegan community, and after talking and learning from the group, I soon understood that the V8 Vegan wasn’t just another fun alternative. Food is such an important part of our society. It’s not just a ‘need’ it’s a social event and the act of eating is a space of vulnerability and connection amongst people. Burgerfuel have embraced veganism, showing the world it is accepted and honored as a legitimate option, making individuals who often feel alienated, acknowledged and respected.


Some of you are probably wondering WTF is BurgerFuel? BurgerFuel is one of my top meals of choice. Regardless of the fact my husband works at head office and drives a purple BurgerFuel machine (yes, I married well, hold the applause), BurgerFuel float my eco-boat. To begin, all their ingredients are fresh. From grass-fed beef, free range and hormone free chicken, down to NZ grown veggies, BurgerFuel keep it in house and reduce their food-miles. Whilst there are always changes to be made to reduce their purple footprint, BF are totally into saving the planet.


BurgerFuel run an ongoing ‘enviro-mental’ and sustainability campaign which means they are constantly looking for greener options. “A lot of tree hugging has gone in to the design of our chip cups, doofers and burger bags.” Even their ink is natural vegetable oil based and the aioli punnets are made from biodegradable corn starch. I’ve even heard a rumour (scratch that, I’ve seen it with my own eyes) that BurgerFuel head office rock a soft plastics and recycling bin, and are working on their own worm farm, because why the heck not?

picnic 1.jpg

Ever since I was a kid, BurgerFuel have always been a favourite. Catering for gluten free, vegos, low-carb fiends, and now vegans, they are pretty much the best gourmet fast food burger joint in the country. As a coeliac, it’s hard eating out. Places that cater for my gluten-free requirements are few and far between, but BurgerFuel have got my back. Even though I’m not vegan, I am stoked that BurgerFuel have listened to the masses and support all types of lifestyles.


So go forth my vegan (and non-vegan!) friends; munch on the V8 Vegan and dip your fries in aioli- and don’t forget to stop by and tell me what you think!

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